How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost And What Does It Typically Entail?

When a house is sold, offers received from buyers will almost always contain a contingency of an option period. The option period allows a buyer to schedule any inspections they want done to make sure the home doesn’t have any issues that are typically unnoticeable during showings such as electrical issues, termites, plumbing issues, foundation problems, […]

Texas Valor Joins Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association

Texas Valor Inspection Services has added commercial Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) to their offerings. PCAs are due diligence inspections associated with commercial real estate. Results of the PCA are documented in a Property Condition Report which is sent to the inspecting party. Commercial property and building inspections are important, […]

5 Home Maintenance Tips For The Fall

You may be able to shave up to 30 percent off your energy bill this fall by conducting appropriate preparation measures on your home. For example, stripping and caulking the home to prevent drafts could be a major money saver. The following five tips show how to clean and update your home to get it […]

Home Inspectors Offer Top House Tips for Resale

Home inspectors play an important role in the home buying process, their reports noting repairs that need to be made or issues that need to be worked out in the contract before a sale goes through. Since they’ve seen homes in a variety of conditions, inspectors also have good advice for homeowners on how to […]

Toilet Tank Repair Month… Yeah It’s A Real Thing!

There really is a month dedicated to absolutely everything! October is National Toilet Tank Repair Month, the perfect time to better understand the effect a faulty toilet can have on your wallet, not to mention the environment. Knowing these startling facts will have you scheduling your toilet maintenance ASAP: A leaking toilet wastes about 200 […]

How to Establish Your Business in a New Home

When you run a business from home, it’s easy to let your personal and work lives spill into each other. While some entrepreneurs have no problem juggling the two simultaneously, most people prefer some degree of separation between their business and home life. Establishing a dedicated workspace at home is a great way to accomplish […]

Asbestos, The Magical And Potentially Deadly Material In Your Properties

Asbestos really is a magical product. And it is safe as long as its structure is not broken up. The problem comes when the fibers are broken and inhaled. Many older buildings used this durable construction material in both commercial and residential siding, flooring, celling tiles, popcorn ceilings, insulation and roofing products. Archaeological studies have […]

MONEY SAVING TIPS: How To Set Your Thermostat In A Multi-Story Home

Living in a multi-story home or townhouse can come with an unexpected consequence: unusual climate control difficulties. Trying to get every level of a multi-story home a nice, comfortable temperature can be tricky. This is especially true if you’ve recently moved in and haven’t had the time to familiarize yourself with the property’s thermostat. With […]

Top 10 Water Heater Code Violations

Installing a tank water heater might seem easy, but some of these common mistakes could be life-threatening. In the minds of many, installing a tank water heater is a piece of cake—an “I can’t believe I need a building permit to do this” kind of thing. These are the people who usually fail inspection. Indeed, […]

New BOOK NOW Feature Added To Website

Now it is easier than ever to check inspector availability and schedule your home inspection with Texas Valor’s new Book Now feature. Located at the top of each page in the menu section. Your offer just got accepted on the home you want, now what? A home inspection should be at the top of the […]