Home inspections are a valuable tool to help you identify potential issues for a property you want to purchase, identify warranty work on or just get a baseline to help plan for maintenance budgeting in the future. Watch this video to see what a home inspection covers and, more importantly, does not cover.

Unlike many of the larger companies, we are not a report mill, churning out as many inspections per day as we can. We truly enjoy our work and like to spend quality time with each home in order to generate the most accurate and comprehensive inspection report possible for you, our valued customer. It is for this reason that we typically only schedule only one inspection per day and strive to deliver our reports on the very same day we inspect.

Warranty Inspections

Warranty Inspection Services Georgetown

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New construction homes typically come with a “One Year Limited Warranty”. Some items listed under this warranty go beyond being cosmetic and may or may not be visible to the inexperienced eye. Some of the more common items generally are revealed during this type of inspection and may include:

  • improper drainage around the foundation,
  • improperly installed roof covering and/or flashing details,
  • water intrusion problems,
  • plumbing leaks, and
  • improper wiring of electrical receptacles, switches and/or fixtures.

Every home has issues, even new construction. Have a certified professional inspector provide a thorough report that can be given to your builder.