DJI Mavic

Drone Inspection/Photography

Drone inspections make it possible to access areas that may pose health, safety and environmental risks in a fast and safe way. Remote visual inspection by an unmanned drone is a quick and cost-conscious inspection method. Whether it is a commercial or residential structure, professionally piloted drones provide a faster and less complicated solution for your inspection needs. Drone inspections are perfect for post-storm insurance damage assessments, real estate, detailed property surveys, construction monitoring, and creating real-time overhead maps.

Drone NDVI

Crop Scouting

Basic crop scouting from drones provides a major improvement over how field surveys previously were done. Crop scouts traditionally were employed to walk farm fields to monitor crop condition. These crop scouts have difficulty visiting even a small percentage of a whole field, easily missing problem areas. We collect near-infrared imagery over the entire field and in a matter of hours, can deliver maps showing relative crop condition. Pinpointing specific areas that need assessment via “boots on the ground.”

Land Mapping

Land Mapping/Modeling/Surveys

We offer aerial mapping and topographic mapping services through the use of its drone technology. Our aerial 2D and 3D mapping solutions allow stakeholders to receive high-definition topographic maps delivered in a timely fashion. Our customers enjoy real-time, high-definition, actionable data, eliminating the need to wait for weeks to get traditional ground survey results or rely on outdated public maps.

More About Our 2D and 3D Surveying and Modeling Services

Utilizing state of the art GPS driven drone technology, we can deliver real-time mapping, modeling and surveying driven by high accuracy 4K orthomosaics which result in centimeter accuracy vs the current meter accuracy offered by most mapping applications. This accuracy coupled with the low-altitude stabilized photography allows us to generate 3D models of your land or buildings for use in everything from Real Estate & Construction (Planning, Marketing, Progress), Nature Conservancy, Agriculture, Surveying, Inspections (Bridges, Roofs & Equipment, Infrastructure), to Security Planning (Schools, private and public buildings) and Accident Reconstruction.

Once created, the 3D model can be rotated to be viewed from any angle, revealing details in the high resolution models such as terrain elevation, and provides tools for calculating distance, area, and volume.

2D Construction Site

2D Construction Site Image

Site Construction

3D Drone Model of Construction Site

First Responders and Emergency Services

From September 2001, to January 2006 I served with the San Mateo Police Department as their CAD/RMS and Computer Systems Specialist. While there I helped stand up the first WiFi/Cellular enabled laptop fleet of police vehicles and served as the driver/operator of the mobile command vehicle with mobile dispatch and HNT. As such I am very familiar and experienced with emergency services environments in the field and offer my drone services, equipment and piloting skills free of charge to law enforcement agencies first responders during emergencies when I am available.

DJI Mavic